Bingo rule: discover this lottery game while having fun

Bingo is one of the games of gambling that features the simplest rules of the game ever. Indeed, unlike table games such as blackjack, baccarat or even poker, playing a game of online bingo does not require any special preparation except that of invoking the mercy of Dame Chance to achieve success. full of earnings! However, before launching an assault on the famous lottery game, it is better to have in mind its rules of the game. Thus, we have taken care to list you the different concepts to know about bingo in order to allow you to shine. during your next games.

Let’s start with simplicity: in general, the rules of the bingo game are very quick to understand

Bingo is a lottery game whose principle consists of betting on numbers to try to win money. This game therefore has very simple rules that make it accessible to any audience. To start a bingo game, you will first have to buy one or more game grids. Some players prefer to leave it in the hands of chance to make their selection when others carefully analyze the numbers entered on the game. the card before buying it.

The game card is made up of a table with several rows and several columns with numbers written in each of the boxes, except for the central box. Note that depending on the version, the grid may also have other empty boxes. It is precisely thanks to the numbers which are written on the cards that play that you will be able, or not, to make gains during the game. Hence the interest in taking the time to choose your game grid for the most superstitious players. Once each participant has a game card in their possession, the game can begin.

Unlike an online casino, the rule of indoor bingo involves the animation of the game live

To start the game, a certain number of balls stamped with a number will be drawn using an abacus. In the case of a traditional bingo game, an animator will be responsible for launching the machine and announcing the winning numbers as the draw progresses so that the players can check whether or not he has the numbers on. their game grids. In the case of a game at an online casino, software will automatically draw the balls . The first player who succeeds in checking all the numbers on his grid will win the game and the winnings or prizes involved.

Contrary to popular belief, the rule of online bingo requires as much concentration as in the hall

Now with online casinos, you can start a game of bingo and go about your business at the same time. Indeed, on this modernized version of the famous game, there is no need to follow the drawing of the winning numbers since if they appear on your grid, the system will automatically check them. As in a traditional game, you will have to buy your game cards to start the game.

A good way to control and increase your chances of winning. In addition, online bingo games are very practical since they have the particularity of being accessible at any time of the day and night. So, no need to wait for your municipality to launch a bingo night to take advantage of the rather advantageous odds of winning this ultra-popular game.

Our British friends are big fans of the lottery: is the rule of the game of English bingo different?

As can be seen in British popular culture, the rule of the game bingo is well known across the Channel. Who doesn’t remember dear Mr. Bean playing bingo in a hilarious way? Given the success of such a game elsewhere than in France, we therefore wondered if the bingo rule was different with our neighbors. It turns out that the only difference between French bingo and the rule of the game for English bingo is the language! We therefore advise you to improve your level in the language of Shakespeare if you want to make sparks in the company of English players.

Which roulette player are you? Our profiles and tips

The Roulette is a casino game very popular among fans of gambling and chance. Some play it for sheer pleasure while others inspire them to become true experts in the legendary game and win astronomical winnings. If you belong to this second category of players, you will no doubt be delighted to know that there are ways to climb the ranks and become a roulette pro. Glory is just a click away! But first, let’s start by observing together the different types of roulette players that you will find alongside you at the tables!

The popular player

Show business stars, reality TV stars, top athletes, celebrities on the big screen: many well-known people enjoy playing online casino games, especially roulette. Former footballer Vikash Dhorasso is said to play regularly at the Cercle Parisien and is a famous roulette player, but Eva Longoria and her former boyfriend Tony Parker have also been seen betting a few chips around a Roulette table at a famous casino in Las Vegas. This table game is therefore prized by the great icons of this world and the first category of roulette player that characterizes it is that of famous men and women.

The player-bettor

Roulette also attracts intellectuals and especially mathematicians. The latter have a certain ease in calculating ratios and have a strong logical mind. The world of Roulette remembers Michel Martin, a math specialist who mastered counting, probability and odds calculation. Using his knowledge during the game, he always gave himself an almost certain victory.

The scammer-player

We strongly advise against behaving in this way, but you should know that some players in history were fabulous crooks. Joseph Jagger had multiplied the scams at the Monte Carlo casino in order to prepare unhealthy shots. The rascal would certainly have paid employees of the casino to grant themselves a nice jackpot of over 350,000 US dollars, an amount already incredible at the time.

The observer player

Last category of recurring players: the roulette player with a strong observation potential. This category of players is able to analyze the rotation effected by Roulette and predict the number that will be drawn. William Nelson Damborough was certainly the finest of these observers and was able to predict the ball’s trajectory even though it was in motion.

The professional roulette player also relies on videos: zoom

The Internet has many advantages. Indeed, thanks to this ingenious tool, we now have access to a phenomenal amount of information available in one click. However, many people don’t know how to take advantage of this fantastic advantage. Indeed, the Internet can really make your life easier and we think it’s a shame to neglect the benefits that this brilliant invention can bring you. To prove it to you, we’ve scoured the web to find roulette videos for you.

Among the wide choice of canvas, we saw all colors, but we managed to find real little gems. Some of these videos will teach you the rules of this world famous game, others will teach you effective playing techniques and make your experience easier regardless of which establishment you choose. Also, you can follow the feats of roulette on the big screen, with a selection of six feature films of all kinds: Casablanca, Run Lola Run, Lost in America, Croupier, California Split and Toy Story 3!

To take advantage of our finds, you can go to Youtube: you will find videos there that will provide you with lots of useful information to win big at roulette. Do not hesitate to watch these tutorials which can really make the difference in your mastery of this casino game.